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Adamport is a passive fire protection company which covers the UK from offices in Bristol, London, Devon and Wales. Adamport are
members of NAPFIS (Nationwide Association of Passive Fire Installers and Specifiers) enabling us to sign off and certify our fire protection installations.
We have been involved in fire protection since 1987 and have worked on many large and small projects throughout the country covering all aspects of passive fire protection, including the upgrading of panelled doors to fire rated doors, the sealing of services passing through walls, floors and ceilings, fire curtains and barriers for compartmentation, and the application of intumescent coatings for steel and timber protection.
Adamport also install, upgrade and maintain fire doors as well as carrying out a fire door audit service for universities, hospitals, offices, hotels, and buildings of multiple occupation.
Adamport offer competitive rates, a reliable service, certification, and are always ready to provide any fire protection needs at short notice throughout the UK. This includes the supply only of fire protection products from all the major manufacturers.

Telephone - 08444 999 994

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